History  of acrylic
Even after 75 after opening of акрило вого glass history of his victorious procession on a planet did not yet make off far. By no means, she begins only. Due to the newest developments, for example, in area of nanotechnologies, this material purchased new properties. As a result of dissemination in the polymer of наночастиц that can plug in itself from a few to несколь- ких of thousands of atoms and molecules, durability of polymer on a fracture grew yet more. When in 1901 Swedish king Gustavus VI Adolf handed Nobel- I will forge a bonus to her first laureates, history of success of acrylic glass already counted a few years: this year the German researcher Отто Рем защи тил dissertation on acrylic acid - colourless, смешивае- мому with water to the compound with a pungent odor, reminding the smell of vinegar. Already then he began to reflect above possibilities of wideuse of this chemical product. Рем continued the study of family of акрилатов and по- shone surprizing results already

Birth of acrylic glass.
During the "gold twentieth" - in the period of bloom of economy and culture in the first half of the twentieth century - it was done rather casual opening. It happened in motion from wastes of process of polymerization. For this purpose warmed-up wastes were given under constraint in space between two folias of glass. A result appeared unexpected: both sheets stuck together firmly. A triplex was so open getting the name LUGLAC. By analogical character experiments were conducted with a methylmethacrylate. Thus appeared, that arising up mass easily moved away from glass folias. An extraordinarily durable and transparent polymer was thus got. In 1933 material appeared at the market and became popular. Acrylic glass was so born.

A gold reward Rема
Wide possibilities of application of material were confirmed 1935 to the year. Рем pulled out the unusual idea of producing from acrylic glass of musical instruments. As a result of the strained work he succeeded to make a violin. For it  in 1937 of Рем was awarded with Grand Prix for an innovative product on a world exhibition in Paris. To this time a polymer already was widely used in different spheres, for example for glazing of airplanes. In the fortieth and fiftieth years of the last century material got a wideuse in area of design of interior. Thus a polymer suborned not only the high durability. In course of time he purchased the new colourings, surfaces, geometrical forms and unusual properties, that promoted his universality constantly. Due to intensive scientific researches the spectrum of products broadened constantly. From acrylic folias were produced for a sound-proofing on expresswaies, for protecting from the gusts of wind on bridges, anti-static glazing of the pictures illuminated from beneath.

The future begins today.
At all fantasy of Отто Rем hardly could imagine 80 years back, that the material created by him will get a so wideuse practically in all areas. Just he could suppose hardly, that acrylic will be used for producing of miniature, easiest mobile telephones without a traditional tube, without the stationary place of setting, and to too yet without a cable. And all so turned out : now from material, different transparency, colourlessness, firmness to the scratches and wonderful светопроводностью is make displays for cellular telephones, 

and light-pipes for displays on тонкопленочных transistors. In too time, acrylic already today assists environmental and climate preservation - in area of allowing  electricity from sunny energy, material provides maximal illumination of sunny batteries and optimal making of current. It is therefore possible without every doubts of утверж- to give, that even after 75 an idea arising up for Отто Rема contains enormous innovative potential.


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