An unique deck-chair of "On the wave" from transparent acrylic is embodiment of idea of series of "AQUA" from AQUA & ACRYL

Lightness - by sight a deck-chair does not almost exist, you simply lie on a wave.

Durability is a construction fragile, not looking on it he is very durable. With lightness maintains two persons gross weight 150kg.

Ergonomics is pleasant by touch material, скругленные фаски, comfortable position of body. Will present mass of pleasure to you.

A main idea is attained due to a construction on one support, transparency of acrylic and smooth forms of deck-chair of "On the wave"

​A coffee-table of "Whirlpool" is embodiment of idea of series of "Aqua" from "AQUA&ACRYL.

АРТ is an object. Whirlpool it is a table not only. Whirlpool is this work of modern art, in a form and character of water.
Possible only due to the achievement of modern technologies.


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