Due to the transparency acrylic furniture does not encumber an interior, abandoning him functional. Transparent furniture by sight is easy, air. Feeling of lightness, that she produces, will not leave you to indifferent.

Often does ask: transparent furniture" will be appropriate "In what style? On what we always answer: "In any"! Not having own color, transparent furniture accepts the color of interior. As underlining him. Style of interior determines only the form of the articles of furniture are smooth lines of modern, figured screw-thread of rococo or direct planes of hi - tech,

Transparent furniture in интерьере- it is a sign of good taste. Playing the of specks of light absolutely glossy surface underlines character of acrylic furniture. She is practical, always looks stunningly, and in course of time does not lose a stylishness and elegance. Mostly luxurious acrylic furniture is done under an order, taking into account all wishes of owners. When transparent furniture gets in the house of customer, then literally becomes his pride.

DE sign LUXE class
We offer an unique, patented design, to transparent acrylic furniture from AQUA & ACRYL. For you we can work out exclusive, your own design. Also with pleasure we make the articles of transparent acrylic furniture on the sketches of client. Acrylic furniture can be, both transparent and coloured, underlining such furniture is possible a highlight or milled picture. Acrylic perfectly combines with other materials such as: acrylic stone, glass, stainless steel, composition-metal, bronze, tree, natural stone and Text. Result of such combinations, excels all expectations.


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