The pressure glazing is the real achievement in architecture and building of pools. Creates large possibilities for realization of unique architectural and designer decisions.

Quality and guarantees
Acrylic is incredibly durable and transparent material. Due to these properties, ideally befits for the pressure glazing of transparent pools. Correct calculation of thickness of acrylic block and professional editing by a company AQUA&ACRYl, and also quality and compatible materials for a sealing-in guarantee the protracted tenure of employment of glass pool.
AQUA&ACRYL makes warranty 10 on impermeability of glass pool and absolute guarantee on stability of acrylic to the chlorine and salt water.
Producer of acrylic Evonik Röhm, guarantees ideal transparency and maintenance of color during 30.

Unique beauty
A transparent acrylic panel notedly increases a review and gives unique beauty your pool. A panel is absolutely insignificant in water. There is the impression, that water costs in space. Unbelievable spectacle.
A glass pool looks very attractively, gives truly an unique kind a house, hotel, СПА or club.
Acrylic panels can be bent, and glue, forming more difficult forms that will answer the requirements of style of Your interior.

Advantageous investments
Today the real estate is the best investment. To increase the costs of the real estate at the market, it is possible due to an unique design. A glass pool will occupy leading position in портфолио of object of the real estate. By such exclusive constituents of interior as a glass pool, you necessarily attract attention potential customer that will pay a necessary to you sum.


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