Technologies of the future today.
you can manage waterwalls by a  from the smartphone of IOS or Android.

Quality waterproof materials. 
Waterwalls made a  from acrylic, glass, ABC of plastic. All materials are intended for a contact with water.

Finishing color.
We offer to any color of painting Your waterwalls. Also you can paste over and paint any moisture resistant materials and paints.

Enormous choice of pictures-backgrounds.
you can choose any picture from our collection as a background for it waterwalls.

RGB highlight
C the dynamic changing of colors, tuned to music and color of interior.

Possibility of the independent setting.
Instruction contains waterwalls complete information after assembling, exploitation and service.

Experience, guarantee, safety.
We 10 more than produce Аква panels. Guarantee 3. In the waterfalls we use safe pumps 24v.

Built-in timer.
you can set time of automatic on-off

Choice of model.
you can choose any of four sizes waterwalls, suitable exactly to you. Also we can make for you waterwalls on individual sizes.

Economy your the time and money.
To order waterwall it is possible on a web-site or by phone in the flow of five minutes, choosing a model, size, color and background.


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